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henry danger cast

S1, Ep1. Error: please try again. After promising to keep his new identity a secret, Henry must navigate a double life. S1, Ep2. As Henry tries to adjust to his new role as Kid Danger, he struggles to balance his schedule between crime fighting, school, family and friends.

S1, Ep3. Henry's life as Kid Danger is threatened when Charlotte gets increasingly suspicious about the secrets he's been hiding. S1, Ep4. When Captain Man loses his powers of invulnerability, he becomes too afraid to fight crime.

S1, Ep5. When a suspicious new student shows up at school, Charlotte and Henry think he may be up to something. Captain Man goes undercover as a substitute teacher to learn more. S1, Ep6.


When Jasper goes as Kid Danger for Halloween, he goes too far and is mistaken for the real deal. It's up to the real Kid Danger and Captain Man to rescue him. S1, Ep7. When a piece of rock from outer space is more than it seems, trouble follows Henry to his home. S1, Ep8.

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An accusation prevents Henry from being invited to a girl's birthday party. S1, Ep9. Henry believes that he was replaced on the basketball team by an older boy. S1, Ep Henry is exposed to a strange device in the Man Cave which causes problems on a date. Ray's friend, who was accidentally turned invisible, shows up for a visit, but he quickly overstays his welcome.

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Meanwhile, Jasper fixes up Piper's old doll-house in the backyard. Henry and Ray must deal with an annoying new villain called the Spoiler; Piper tries to join a popular Captain Man fan club.

In an attempt to investigate a string of robberies, Captain Man gets Henry a spot on his favorite game show. Henry and Ray think the world is ending when a dormant super volcano under Swellview becomes active; Piper is convinced that she has gluten intolerance. When Henry's crush goes on a Valentine's date with someone else, Schwoz provides an android to make her jealous.Sign In.

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Riele Downs Charlotte Page episodes, Sean Ryan Fox Jasper Dunlop episodes, Michael D. Hart 71 episodes, Kelly Sullivan Mrs. Carrie Barrett Mary Gaperman 34 episodes, Winston Story Trent Overunder 33 episodes, Matthew Zhang Oliver Pook 29 episodes, Jill Benjamin Ms.

Shapen 21 episodes, Joe Kaprielian Sydney Birnbaum 18 episodes, Andrew Caldwell Mitch Bilsky 12 episodes, Duncan Bravo Mr. Gooch 11 episodes, Timothy Brennen Vice Mayor Willard 10 episodes, Anthony M. Bertram Officer Kogen 9 episodes, Mike Ostroski Dr. Minyak 9 episodes, Ben Giroux The Toddler 7 episodes, William Romeo Bork 6 episodes, Maeve Tomalty Bianca 7 episodes, Jeremy Guskin Beekeeper 6 episodes, Amber Bela Muse Nurse Cohort 5 episodes, Kate Cook Mrs.

Hendricks 5 episodes, David Lengel Jed 5 episodes, Frankie Grande Frankini 4 episodes, Captain Man's old sidekick and nemesis, Drex, returns from the past with an army of cavemen to finish off Captain Man once and for all.

henry danger cast

Kid Danger may be the only one who can save Captain Man now. Kid Danger reveals to Captain Man that he doesn't want to be stuck in Swellview and be his sidekick forever. To make matters worse, Kid Danger is recruited by another town to be their hero.

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Packages are being stolen from Swellview porches. Henry and Ray setup a stakeout in an attempt to catch the thief red-handed. Ross Lynch fires pucks all over the place as he teaches Jay how to be a hockey goalie in the "Special Skills" season finale. Watch the video. Title: Henry Danger — A live-action sitcom about two year-old girls who start a multi-million-dollar gaming company and take on rap superstar Double G as a business partner. After accidentally stumbling into his uncle's mysterious "tanning bed", Adam learns the answer to all of his problems - multiple Adams.

With his new collection of clones, Adam is hopping on one wild summer ride with an epic splash. After being uprooted from New York to New Orleans, the Hathaways were ready to just get back to their normal lives in their new home, but little did they know that a family of ghosts had the same idea.

Misadventures of Dewey Finn, a rocker who poses as a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school as he teaches his unconventional and overachieving students to play and love rock 'n' roll.

Manny has moved to a new school, and it's not easy to fit in. After wishing he had more friends, Manny finds a mysterious collar and puts it on Rufus, the family dog.

Suddenly, Rufus turns Rufus is a dog but turns into a human with a pendant. He meets a girl named Kat who asks him to go out. Kat is a cat who can also turn into a human as well. Follows three best friends as they navigate the highs and lows of middle school, with the help of a list of adventures that help them overcome class cliques, terrifying bullies and clueless teachers. Follows a perky head cheerleader named Bella whose life in Texas takes an unexpected twist when she becomes the new quarterback for her school team, the Bulldogs.Included in this list are the characters that appear in the Henry Danger animated spinoff, The Adventures of Kid Danger as well as its other spin-off Danger Force.

He is an average kid with friends and an after school job as Captain Man's superhero sidekick. Thanks to his skills and gadgets, Kid Danger has no problem helping Captain Man on his missions.

He will always be with his friends even if he has to go save the world. He received this power after he breathed the fumes of a tarantula and a brown and yellow lizard. Later, it was named Hyper-Motility. In " Part 3: A New Hero ", he loses his powers by touching the antivirus while using it to stop the virus and save the world and the Internet. This enabled him to fake Kid Danger's death.

In the same episode, Henry, Charlotte and Jasper leave Swellview, and fight crime in the next town over, Dystopia.

Henry Danger

About 25 years ago, Ray Manchester's scientist father Dr. Carl Manchester accidentally pulled a lever on his Trans-Molecular Densitizer that Ray crashed into when riding his skateboard causing him to be indestructible and yet can still feel some pain for a short time.

Now he is a crime-fighting superhero. He needed a sidekick, so he chooses Henry. Ray is shown to have a crush on Mrs. Hart despite the fact that she is married, which sometimes irritates Henry and he tries to force Ray to go do something else for the time being.

He owns the Man Copter and Man Van. Kale Culley portrays a younger version of him in " Back to the Danger: Part 2 ". Charlotte Page [3] Riele Downs is one of Henry's best friends.

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She is sarcastic, clever, and smart. She is the "sass master" of the bunch, always there to snap everyone back to reality. She and Henry have been best friends for a long time and therefore she is close enough to him to tell it like it is.

She is a big fan of Captain Man. He is full of ideas, but most of them are not good.But when it came to an end in Marchfans were pretty heartbroken. But wait, will any of the OG stars appear in the new show?

Who else is starring in it? When will it premiere? What will it be about? Well guys, J had a chance to exclusively chat with the cast of the new show, and they spilled the tea on what you can expect. Love J? Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for fun, exclusive videos with your favorite stars.

henry danger cast

Yep, that means that both Cooper Barnes and Michael D. Cohen will reprise their iconic roles as Captain Man and Schwoz. Plus, get this, you guys — TikTok sensation Chase Hudson is set to make his acting debut in the series, too!

How exciting?! The young star is set to play the role of Chapa — a strong and confident superhero who has the ability to generate electricity. J Tell us about Danger Force!

henry danger cast

Havan Flores: Danger Force is a spinoff of Henry Danger about four kids learning to control their superpowers. Havan: I play Chapa. J Is it fun playing someone with super powers? Is it difficult at all? Did you have to train at all? J Do you guys get along when the cameras stop rolling? Are you close? Havan: We get along fine, we have good days and tough days like any other group of kids.

What was your reaction when you found out you were joining the spinoff? I got so excited I almost got sick. I coughed a lot! J Are any of the original Henry Danger stars in the show? J Can you tell me about your character? Who do you play? Terrence: My character is Miles.Sign In. Edit Henry Danger — Charlotte Page episodes, Sean Ryan Fox Jasper Dunlop episodes, Ella Anderson Mary Gaperman 34 episodes, Winston Story Trent Overunder 33 episodes, Matthew Zhang Oliver Pook 29 episodes, Jill Benjamin Shapen 21 episodes, Joe Kaprielian Sydney Birnbaum 18 episodes, Andrew Caldwell Mitch Bilsky 12 episodes, Duncan Bravo Gooch 11 episodes, Timothy Brennen Vice Mayor Willard 10 episodes, Samantha Martin Officer Kogen 9 episodes, Ryan Grassmeyer Minyak 9 episodes, Tommy Walker The Toddler 7 episodes, William Romeo Bork 6 episodes, Maeve Tomalty Bianca 7 episodes, Jeremy Guskin Beekeeper 6 episodes, Amber Bela Muse Nurse Cohort 5 episodes, Sam Becker Hendricks 5 episodes, David LengelDan Schneider Dana Olsen.

Kid Danger through his oath to keep his sidekick identity a secret.

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Henry Danger follows the life of a year-old boy named Henry Hartwho lands a part-time job as Kid Danger, a sidekick in training to super crime fighter Captain Man.

However, one of his best friends, Charlottewas smart enough to know that he was Kid Danger, and since then, also helps Captain Man. They have to hide it to their best friend Jasper and to Henry's little sister Piper. Henry: It all just kind of happened. Captain Man: My dad was an irresponsible scientist. Henry: I wanted an after-school job. Captain Man: And by accident, he made me indestructible.

Henry: I went to this crazy store, and met a pretty interesting guy. Ray: I'm gonna blow your mind. Captain Man: So now I protect the good citizens of Swellview, who call me Henry: And he turned out to be Captain Man: You know the name. Henry: Captain Man! Captain Man: That's right, Henry. In time, I realized that being a superhero is a lot to handle alone.

Henry: He wanted some help. Captain Man: I needed a sidekick. Henry: I, Henry Hart Captain Man: Pledge to never ever ever tell anyone Captain Man: It is done. Henry: Now, we blow bubbles. Captain Man: And fight crime.